Finding a Canary Bird For Sale.

There IS a Canary Bird For Sale In Your Neighborhood...
You've Just Got To Find Him.

OK so you're ready to take the plunge and get yourself a canary

that will provide you with companionship and beautiful singing.


There are several places on-line that I'd like to direct you to. You can check them out toward the bottom of this page. You'll probably find some help there but first start locally.

Dealing with local breeders and bird clubs just may be your best bet. They tend to give the best canary care to their birds...

Try looking in your local...

  • --Yellow pages under Aviaries, Pets, or even birds or bird clubs.
  • --Classified ads of the local paper
  • --Penny Pincher
  • --Thrifty Nickel
  • --Bulletin Boards of supermarkets, convenience stores, laundermats

--Also, ask around at your local feed stores.

They will often sell canary seed in bulk and put you in touch with someone that has a canary for sale.

Places for finding a canary are everywhere...if you know where to look... offers multiple links where you can look for a bird for sale...

Lets start with breeders...

There are SEVERAL places you can look to find a breeder of canaries in your area.

Here is a list of places to look and some tips on finding the RIGHT canary for YOU...

Click here to find help in finding a canary breeder in your area.

Many people that have a canary for sale advertise in on-line classifieds.

Check'em out...

Try these sites for classified here.

Once you find a canary bird for sale AND you decide it is the perfect pet for you he’ll need a name...

See’s list of...

Pet Canary Names.

Some are beautiful...some are poetic...some are down-right RIDICULOUS...but at least ONE will be perfect.

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